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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Kitchen Disaster Time

So I'm finally connected to the internet - hooray!!! I've managed to massively fluff up the recipe I was going to publish this week - boo!!!

It was all going so well! The internet finally got connected after much faffing about on the part of my broadband provider, I had two great recipes in the bag and another idea ready to try out for this week...and then I lost one of the recipes, lost the pictures of another and the great idea I had for a recipe this week turned out to be not so great in practice. Oh and then after all this I put the back of my hand on the electric hob plate I'd had on for about 25 minutes. Kitchen disaster time.

So no Treat Friday today. However for one week only, there will be a Treat Sunday which when you think about it, is exciting. I can even reveal that the treat will be Chocolate Peppermint Squares and that they are delicious. They're like big, cakey, after dinner mints. Yum!! Teaser picture below...

Now just to find/remember that pesky recipe...

See you Sunday!!


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